Cover image of ITX


Yet another 360-degree ad campaign. This time, with a little twist - we had to create our own fictional company.

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Cover image of Stylized 3D

Stylized 3D

Simple stylized 3D models made in Autodesk 3ds Max and rendered using Blender.

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Cover image of Carry on bot

Carry on bot

A 3D short film in 4K 60FPS. A self-balancing robot finds itself a peculiar hobby, but, rivalry exists in robots as well.

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Cover image of Goodbye Adam

Goodbye Adam

A 1-minute 3D animated short film in 4K. We've always seen aliens overpowering humans, but, when the tables have turned, humans are not kind as well.

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Cover image of Dropbox


The complete brand package created as a college project. It includes logo re-design, stationery, commercials and websites.

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Cover image of AniOS


The war between Android and iOS has never really cooled down. Here is my artwork showing my opinion.

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